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Terms & Conditions of Travel

  • Single tickets are for one journey only
  • Day return tickets are for same day return only
  • Monthly return tickets are for 2 journeys and valid for one month from the date of issue
  • 10 journey commuter tickets are for 10 single journeys and are valid for three weeks from date of issue
  • Annual tickets must be shown to the driver on every boarding
  • When your ticket expires, it is no longer valid for travel and must be handed to the driver upon receipt of your new ticket.
  • Child fares are available for persons aged between 3-12 years inclusive
  • Tickets are non-transferable
  • Tickets remain the property of Kearns Transport
  • For efficiency and timekeeping, when possible please have correct fare/ticket ready before boarding

Free Travel Passes

The Department of Social and Family Affairs have sanctioned us to accept free travel passes on our 847 service. The times sanctioned are:

To Dublin
  • 09:00 & 14:00 Monday to Sunday services
  • 19:00 Sunday service

From Dublin
  • 17:15 from Ha'penny Bridge
  • 8:00 from Cathal Brugha Street
  • 18.15 Monday to Friday services from Ha' penny Bridge 
  • 13:00 Friday service
  • All weekend services from Dublin

Paper type passes must be accompanied by photo ID


  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on all our coaches, including the use of electronic cigarettes


  • Animals are not permitted on any of our buses, with the exception of registered guide dogs
Passenger Responsibilities

  • If reclining your seat, please ensure it does not impede on the comfort of passengers behind you
  • For the comfort of all passengers on board, please keep personal and mobile phone conversations and personal music players to a quiet level
  • Passengers must not
  • Do not bring on board any hot or strong smelling food
  • Do not litter the bus
  • Do not board the bus wearing attire that may dirty seats.
  • Do not passengers should be at the stop 5 minutes before departure
  • All employees of Kearns Transport are empowered to instruct any passenger off the bus if they are thought to be a danger to themselves or a danger or nuisance to other passengers This includes the consumption of alcohol, drunkenness, drug use, threatening behaviour, bad language and undue noise from any electronic device or who are in breach of any other terms and conditions
  • Please respect your neighbours by keeping noise levels to a minimum while waiting at the bus stop


  • Heavy or large pieces of luggage are to be stored in the compartment underneath
  • Lightweight luggage should be stored in overhead racks
  • Luggage should not be placed on empty seats (to allow seating for boarding passengers), in the aisle, or near emergency exits.
  • Personal or valuable items of luggage should be kept in passenger’s hand luggage
  • Luggage is carried at the owner's risk and should be labelled
  • We recommend passengers take out travel insurance
  • Bicycles will be carried only if there is sufficient space available


  • Kearns Transport accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of any timetables displayed on third party websites which are not under our control
  • While we make every effort to ensure the information displayed is correct and up to date, we cannot guarantee the content of our website to be accurate and current at all times
  • Passengers should check journey details and the latest news section on the website prior to travel

Kearns Transport will not be liable for delays or interruption to its services due to severe weather conditions, road works or breakdown